I was inspired tonight by the silhouettes created by passing students as well as others on campus. When all was hidden among the darkness the greenhouse allowed me to see the detailed outlines of each figure. I then decided to reflect and combine all my images into one geometrically interesting image. Hope you enjoy.


A caricature I drew of myself and then digitalized.

A caricature I drew of myself and then digitalized.

This design was inspired by M. C. Esher’s “Waterfall”.



I really enjoyed this assignment, and its applicability to my other interests in Urban Planning and Architecture. At times it was a tedious task but overall it gave me both a heightened design prospective. Also, a newfound spacial understanding for Ann Arbor, the 5th most happy city in the nation, and my home away from home.

The concept I aimed to be conveyed from my collage is the progression of time. This is why I have included the metronome as well as the transparent metronome displayed over the pair of boots. The metronome pictured as well as the cropped image from a piano our both objects representational of my family. They both were originally my great grandmother’s and have been passed down. The piano is to representative of progression of time because originally it was a blue color, and my grandparents have changed overtime the color. Because a connection with distant as well as immediate family is very important as well as a value of my family, I chose to include the photograph of my family’s tailor shop, which then open when they first came to America. When I took the photograph, I purposely reflected the image of my hands and camera to show the influence my family as well as my cultural heritage has had on my art. I have also included calligraphy of my Hebrew name. The other photographs choose to place in my collage are a map and an architectural ruler because I aspire to be an architect. I included the map because after a fairly recent volunteer trip abroad I took. I decided that whatever creative profession I chose to practice in the future, I like it to have some sort of humanitarian purpose. The trip was definitely a life-altering trip during which I found appreciations for the most basic things to be heightened. Lastly, I have included the boots as they are aged and worn out because I have had them for a while. I find myself often taking pictures of shoes because I think the wear and tear of them are a beautiful thing, showing where someone has been and traveled. My aim is to show my appreciation for the past, as well as my aspirations for the future. This is why I chose to display my collage in a slanted manner to mimic the motions of the metronome.